Canadian Residential Solar Power Solutions

Canadian Residential Solar Power Solutions

 With every passing day, fossil fuels are becoming unreliable and non-existent. On the contrary, renewable energy technologies are becoming more popular day by day. One of the most popular renewable technologies is the solar technology. Since the equipment for the conversion of solar energy into electricity comes in handy, it is the most reliable and efficient power source in homes.

Solar power can light up the whole electric structure of a home and can cut the cost of the electricity bill to half. The ease of installation and the low maintenance has prompted general public to install solar power technologies at home. Let’s get a thorough idea of how solar power is helping residential places.


 Solar power is the perpetual source of electricity which costs very less as compared to the electricity obtained from the fossil fuel. The setting up cost of the PV panels on the roofs of homes is also very less thus making it a perfect alternative of the costly electricity.


 The power produced from the fossil fuels accompanies burning or combustion. This is leading to some serious issues of global warming. Solar power, on the other hand, requires not a single burning or combustion process. The main function of solar technology is to convert the direct incident solar energy from the sun in to solar power using semiconductors. Zero emissions make solar technology a good investment in home.

Constant Supply:

Sun is the ultimate source of energy and it won’t go anywhere like the fossil fuel. Due to the abundance of solar energy, solar technology is the most reliable form of renewable energy available. Solar panels don’t even stop working in a cloudy weather. They do get less efficient but their production is slightly affected.

Net Metering:

 Net metering allows home owners to send back the excessive electricity produced through the solar panels to fall in to the national grid. The customer gets credit in exchange for providing electricity and is then charged only for using the net energy.

Secure Energy:

Since fossil fuels are mainly controlled by Gulf countries hence the electricity produced by them is also indirectly controlled by them. Sun cannot be tamed or owned. It continues to throw its radiation no matter what. This secure set up compels the residential owners to install the solar power technology.

Government incentives:

 Canadian government is known for helping out the general public. It helps people in installing the Solar Panels at home so that they are independent and can experience non-stop electric supply. These programs include MicroFIT, FIT, Net Metering and MicroGen. Except for MicroGen, all three of the programs from the government are available in the Province of Ontario. These programs are focused on paying the owner of the solar panels for the excessive electricity they produce through the solar panels. One can apply for these programs on the internet and get themselves registered for that.

The next generation of the modern world demands sustainability. And, there is no other secure alternative other than solar power. Introducing solar power at homes can not only generate individual benefits but it can also generate benefits for the state.


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