Canadian Commercial Solar Power Solutions

Canadian Commercial Solar Power Solutions

 With the advent of renewable technologies, power generation from fossil fuels is becoming less popular in this new era. Renewable technologies are not only environmental friendly but also economical when it comes to installation and maintenance. Since the urbanization is at its peak, renewable technologies especially solar power is the answer to all the problems associated with the urban population.

Solar panels are termed as the game changer of this century. In the beginning, solar power was limited to small scale power generation. But nowadays, solar power is successfully lighting up the commercial setups. This is due to the ease of combining the power generated by different solar panels. Let’s go through the commercial solar power solutions and how they can define the energy requirements.

Ease of Installation:

 Since solar panels don’t need a huge burner or gravitational energy, they can easily be installed on any roof. All it takes is the correct installation of the panels according to the sunlight. Installation of solar panels without taking into account the earth’s movement around the sun can be disastrous. But, if installation is carried out with the help of experts, solar panels can surely power a huge commercial setup.

Large Surface Area:

 A single solar panel generates very little amount of power. Hence, a lot of panels are required if the consumption of power is based on a commercial scale. However, commercial buildings or skyscrapers contain very large surface area, if the roof and windows are combined. Different combinations and types of solar power generation e.g. centralized solar grids, decentralized solar grids, hybrid solar grids etc. can be employed according to the need. In combination, solar panels can provide reliable source of electricity round the clock.


 Since commercial setups are always focused on saving money, solar power can greatly reduce the costs of electricity. Although the installation can be a bit stingy in the start but in the long run, solar power can generate huge savings.


 In commercial setups, where electricity consumption is very high, solar panels fail to deliver. But, a lot of smart minds skip the fact that solar panels can be a great back up option of alternate source of electricity for any commercial setup. Electricity generated by the solar panels can also be used in combination with the orthodox power. This combination can greatly reduce the running cost of any setup.

Net Metering:

 Net metering allows consumers to send back the excessive electricity produced through the solar panels to fall in to the national grid. The customer, in return, gets credit in exchange for providing electricity and is then charged only for using the net energy. Commercial setups, besides fulfilling their energy requirement, can actually benefit from contributing towards the grid stations.

Government incentives:

 Canadian government is known for helping out the general public. It helps in the installation of renewable technologies to empower the general public and the commercial sector. There are several programs introduced by the Canadian government in this regard. These programs include MicroFIT, FIT, Net Metering and MicroGen. Except for MicroGen, all three of the programs from the government are available in the Province of Ontario. These programs are focused on paying the owner of the solar panels for the excessive electricity he produces through the solar panels.

The next generation of the modern world demands sustainability. And, there is no other secure alternative other than solar power. Introducing solar power on every scale can greatly reduce the costs and provide security of non-stop power generation.

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